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Industry Safety Notice
Industry safety notice for hoop buildings.

March 26, 2010 - In the past year Fabric buildings have been in the news a lot. Unfortunately this has not been in a good light. From the collapse of the Dallas Cowboys training facility, Dairy barns in Pennsylvania and a horse arena in Virginia the industry has had a lot of bad press. All of the above mentioned structures have been the result of faulty engineering from one particular company. As a result of these building failures the company has issued a safety warning to their customers. Click here to view the safety warning. (Updated warning as of April 23, 2010 - click here to view.)

On March 24 2010 this company fell under protection of the Canadian courts to save them from their creditors and impending lawsuits. This has left their customers and dealer network hanging while they “restructure” their business. Click here to view the news article.

Please keep in mind that this letter is to inform you about a problem in the industry that involves a certain manufacturer. Winkler Structures nor any buildings sold by MBC Buildings are included in this safety warning.

In this letter the manufacturer has advised its customers to consult a structural engineer to review their building so it will meet wind and snow load specs for their area. MBC works with structural engineers that have vast knowledge of fabric structures. We can review your building and give our recommendations and/or install additional bracing to meet load specs for your area.

When choosing a building remember cheaper is not always better. You get what you pay for. Winkler Structures nor MBC Buildings will sacrifice safety or quality in the products we sell. All our trussed structures are engineered by an independent structural engineer to make sure they meet load and code requirements for your specific site.

If we can help with your project or in retrofitting your current structure just let us know.

888-476-9180 or sales@midwestbuildings.com


Thank you,

Tyler S. Lathom - President

Please contact MBC for more information and pricing on Winkler Structures.